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Blackboard Semester Start Checklist

Checklist for faculty prior to students having access to courses on Monday, January 6, 2020 at 8:00 AM:

  • Ensure that your content for all courses you teach has been set up and is available for students to access on Day One. Faculty who serve as Department Chairs and/or Course Leads should ensure that all courses under their purview have been set up – especially for adjunct instructors.
  • Update your syllabus with the correct semester identified (e.g. “Spring 2020”), along with all relevant due dates for assignments, projects and exams.
  • Test and correct all internal and external links within each course.
  • If you have a course that uses Access Athens, please confirm that your textbooks are available and that you have provided course links to “Access Athens” and “Technical Support for Access Athens” (aka “RedShelf Solve”) in each participating course.

  • Please review all links to your TechSmith Relay lecture videos to ensure they will play for your students.
  • Please remove all references in your syllabus, exams, and assignments in regard to software no longer being used at the university, including Tegrity and Acxiom.
  • Please note that the university’s campus-wide proctoring solution is now Honorlock, and if you have not already transitioned to this solution in your courses, you should be actively planning your transition this semester for all exams. (We will not be renewing Respondus LockDown Browser when our current contract ends in July 2020.)
  • If you are already using Honorlock, please ensure that it has been activated and enabled for each exam you give. Include links to “Honorlock Testing Guidelines” and “Honorlock Technical Support”, and consider providing an “Honorlock Practice Quiz” so that your students can work out technical issues ahead of exams. Remove any remaining references to Respondus LockDown Browser in your syllabus and exams to avoid student confusion.Honorlock.png
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