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Editing Videos in TechSmith Relay

Remove Parts of a Video

  1. From the video view page, click Edit Video.

    Video view page with Edit Video button

  2. Choose between the following options:

    shows path from Edit Video to two blue buttons reading edit a copy and edit original

    Edit a Copy
    When you choose to Edit a Copy, Relay duplicates the video in your Library and opens the copy in the editor. Existing quizzes and video analytics are not copied to your new version.

    Edit Original
    When you choose to edit the original, Relay opens your video in the editor. 
    Please note: If you re-publish your original video, you will lose all captions, quizzes, and analytics associated with that video.

    Once you choose from the above options, the video editor will open. Continue reading for help with the video editing controls, or Frequently Asked Questions.


  3. Use the playback controls to play, pause, fast forward, or rewind your video as needed. You can also scrub the timelines to quickly scan your video.

    Playback controls with play button, fast forward, rewind

  4. When you reach a part you'd like to remove, select it by manually dragging and placing the green and red handles to set your start and end points. You can also use the convenient Set buttons to drop the green or red handle precisely at your current timeline position.

    When you are satisfied with your selection, click Cut

    Timeline selection with both handles and buttons displayed

  5. Relay marks a cut with a red line on the timeline, which you can later reopen any cut if you need to restore the original or adjust the start and end points.

    Arrow pointing at red mark on a timeline, Cut button disabled

    - To restore the clip, click the red line to reopen the cut, and click Delete.
    - To adjust the edit, click the red line to reopen the cut, click Edit, then reposition the handles. Click Update Cut to save your changes.

    The video editor will continue to show all previous cuts, even after you publish, so that you can continue to adjust or delete them in later editing sessions.

  6. When you’re finished editing your video, click Publish to commit your changes. A new version of your video will begin processing, and should be ready soon.

    Blue publish button in top right corner

    To hold your changes without publishing them, click Save & Exit. You won’t see any visible changes on the view page, but your edits will be available next time you enter the video editor.

    Save & Exit button in top left corner




Reverting Back to Older Versions

Restore a video to the original, uncut version:

  1. Open the video in the editor and click the red button that says Restore Original Video.

  2. Click Publish.

Please ​note: Restoring the original video will not restore captions, quizzes, or video analytics.


Restore a video to a previous state:
Open the video in the editor, then manually restore the clips you want by opening and deleting any individual cuts.
         Red delete button removes the cut and restores the removed clip





Video Editor FAQ

Why don’t I see the Edit Video option?

The Edit Video option only appears under videos you’ve added or copied to your own media library. Videos linked from YouTube cannot be edited, and in order to edit someone else’s video, he or she would have to give you ownership of that video.

Will I need to re-share my video after I edit it and publish a new version?

If you edit the original video, the URL will remain the same and any LMS links will remain intact. If you edit and publish a copy instead, that copy will have it's own unique URL, so you may need to re-share the new link and/or update any links in your LMS. 

Should I edit a copy or the original video?

If your goal is to remove mistakes or misinformation from your video, and you don't mind losing quizzes, captions, or analytics, edit the original so that you don’t have an outdated video in your library. If you want to make an alternative version of a video that has less information, make a copy and edit that instead.

What’s the difference between 'Save' and 'Publish'? 

Saving your changes stores unpublished edits with the file, but does not publish a new version of the video. If you re-enter the video editor, you should see your existing edits. To commit your changes for others to see, you will need to publish the video.

Can I undo changes I’ve already published?

You can always access the video editor on any video you own and restore the original video; however, the undo stack is cleared every time you publish. So, if you’ve published a video several times, you cannot revert to just any previous state. You can work with the current version to remove previous edits, or restore the original and recreate any necessary edits.

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