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Resources for Writing and Research

The Kares Library can assist students with research and writing on course projects.  They have a large amount of resources that can be accessed either in person or online.

In addition to print materials, the Kares library has access to numerous articles and databases.  Using these can be a quick way to discover strong academic articles and peer reviewed articles.  You can login to the EBSCO database system when off-campus if needed for research.  EBSCO, the company that owns the database for academic research, has also produced some materials on how to locate peer reviewed articles in the system and the Kares Library has created materials on how to evaluate the viability of found resources.  These would aid you in making sure articles needed for academic papers and projects can be easily found.

Additionally, librarians can assist you in your search for valid resources.  You can send a message to a librarian directly from Blackboard under the "Ask a Librarian" section found on the login screen (see image below).


Help with Writing:

If you need assistance with writing on your project after the research has been completed, the Writing Center can assist you.  Appointments can be made either in person or online by visiting their website.


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