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Newline Touchscreen Monitor - Setting up

Newline Touchscreen Monitor - Join Zoom


Turn on Newline - Press power button on lower left hand corner.

Newline Power button

Verify internet connection - Network icon in lower right-hand corner of screen, indicates connection.  If not present, verify internet cable is connected.  Newline must be connect to internet via wired ethernet cable

Newline internet icon

Launch Zoom on Host Computer - Launch Zoom meeting from Blackboard course site, or Zoom app. 

Blackboard zoom link

Invite Participants on Host Computer

  • Select the PARTICIPANTS tab
  • Select the INVITE tab
Invite buttons in Zoom

Copy Meeting ID on Host Computer - Locate Meeting ID and copy

Blackboard meeting ID

Launch Zoom Meeting on Newline - Select Zoom icon to launch, and select JOIN MEETING 

Zoom launch icon on Newline

Enter Meeting ID - On Newline, enter Zoom meeting ID (from Host Computer).  Select ENTER

Zoom Meeting ID screen

Admit Newline to Zoom Meeting - On Host Computer, select ADMIT beside Newline 

Admit Newline in Zoom

Don't Join Audio or Video - When prompted on Newline to join audio, close these windows.  

Audio Screen in Zoom

Share the screen - To share the output of Newline with online participants, select SHARE SCREEN in Zoom

Share screen button

Scan this code or click the view a step by step How to Video

Video QR Code



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