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The Standard 7 for Online Courses

The Standard 7 for Online Courses

  • An organizing structure for designing and developing online courses
  • Core course ingredients for consistent and efficient content access
  • Shouldn't just be placed anywhere in the course site
  • Should be explicitly displayed in the navigation

Here's what comprises the Standard 7:

  1. Start Here - Module providing a welcome and special instructions for the first week of
  2. Announcements - Where to post timely information, such as weekly info or special instructions. Most instructors set this as the landing page for the
  3. Syllabus - The place for basic info about the course, including learning objectives, course materials, assignments, policies,
  4. Schedule - Shows due dates, meeting times, tests, and
  5. Lesson Modules- Content and materials for each lesson or module, such as lectures, textbook readings, discussion boards, etc.
  6. Assignments - Info about assignments, including instructions, rubrics, & submission links.
  7. Tests & Quizzes - Where students navigate to take

Download the pdf for more information.

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