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Blackboard Course Setup Checklist

Blackboard Course Shells

Every course listed with the Registrar has a Blackboard course shell automatically created. Any student who registers for your class will automatically appear on your Blackboard roster. Students will have access to the course at 8 am the first day of class.

Copy Course

The Course Copy feature allows you to copy course materials from one course (source course) to another (destination course). For example, you may have created documents in a fall course that you want to add to your spring course. You have the option to copy all course material, or you can select specific content such as tests and quizzes. You must be an Instructor in both the source and destination course in order to perform course copy. A tutorial is available at Blackboard Help

Incorporate the Standard 7

Confirm that the Course Menu consists of the links that you plan to use in your course. If necessary, remove unnecessary links. ATLIS recommends structuring the Course Menu utilizing The Standard 7 for Online Courses .

Update Your Contact Information

The Instructor Information link should contain information students will need to contact you. This includes email, office location and office hours. You may also add notes and upload a picture.

Upload Your Syllabus

The course syllabus should be located in the Syllabus area located on the Course Menu. Verify that all due dates are adjusted for the current semester. ATLIS has developed a syllabus template that is formatted for ADA accessibility and best practices.

Update Deadlines, Dates, and Materials

Review all course content for accuracy and adjust due dates for the current semester.

  • Verify all links to media (Knowmia and YouTube) and external urls are working.
  • Update all documents to reflect updates for the current semester. 
  • Update Assignment due dates for the current semester.
  • If using the Adaptive Release feature, verify that availability date is current.

Review the Grade Center

Review the Grade Center for accuracy. 

  • If you made a Course Copy, ensure there are no duplicate or hidden columns. In the Full Grade Center, go to Manage > Column Organization to confirm. 
  • Remove manually created Grade Center columns no longer being used.
  • Confirm Blackboard's grading schema matches the schema list in your syllabus.
  • If you are using Graded Discussions, verify that the discussion boards are set to be graded. These settings do not automatically transfer with a course copy.

Post a Welcome Announcement

In your welcome message you may want to include the date/time of class, a brief course overview, your name and contact information, and textbook information, as well as how you intend to use Blackboard. There are several ways to post Announcements in your course.

Access Athens

If you are participating in the Access Athens program, confirm that the correct links are available in the course navigation. A tutorial is available in the Help Desk Knowledge Base

Update Honorlock Settings

Honorlock settings need to be updated if the course is copied from a previous semester.

  • Locate Honorlock Instructor Dashboard and select the link (this action syncs the new course with the Honorlock system)
  • Enable Honorlock on the appropriate exams. **Please note: Honorlock settings do not copy forward when using the course copy function.
  1. Navigate to the Test Options page for the exam. 
  2. Within the Honorlock section, there will be a button to enable the exam with Honorlock.
  3. Click to Enable to open the Exam Settings screen.
  4. Select the appropriate settings for your exam.   
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