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YuJa Guides and Tutorials




Below are a series of articles intended to help faculty members start using YuJa Lecture Capture.  



Video Tutorials

Click on the link above to view and browse YuJa video tutorials and guides. 


Capture for Instructors

Create Recording provides essential tools to access, install, and manage both Software and Hardware Capture. These tools are accessible through the Create Recording option at the top of the screen.


Media Management for Instructors

Manage Media includes a suite of tools to organize, store and manage media for your organization. This includes the ability to organize content into Channels, search and maintain media content, share media, upload and download media, caption content, and use the Video Editor.


Getting Started with Courses and Groups

Courses and Groups provide tools for a course and group management. Content Creators can see group members, review invitations, issue group invitations, as well as edit group details. 


Using the Mobile App 

The YuJa Mobile App enables access to the YuJa Media Channels, Mobile Capture, and Mobile Upload. The YuJa Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS devices, tablets, and smartphones.


Additional YuJa Guides and Tutorials 

Do you still have questions?  Visit the Yuja Support Services page to learn more about YuJa and how to create engaging content.  






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