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Screen Sharing


Zoom allows for screen sharing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices running Zoom.

  • The host and attendee can screen share by clicking on the Share Screen icon.
  • The host does not need to "pass the ball" or "make someone else a presenter" to share. 
  • The host can "lock screen share" so no attendee can screen share.


To start "Screen Sharing" select "Share Screen" button located in your meeting tool bar. 



After selecting "Share Screen" located in your in-meeting tool bar. You can choose to share your "Desktop" or an "individual application/window".

Note: You can also select to share "computer audio" when sharing a video clip such as YouTube or a locally stored video clip. 


Screen Share Menu:

  • Pause: Pause your current screen share
  • Share a New Window: Select a new window to share (Choose another window/application to share)
  • Annotate: Use screen share tools for drawing, pointer, etc ..
  • Remote Control: allow participant to control your keyboard and mouse
  • Mute: toggle mute/unmute for your microphone
  • Stop Video: Stop/Start your in-meeting video feed
  • More: In-meeting Tool bar options (in-meeting options such as - Participants, Chat, Invite, Hide video panel etc..)



During your Screen share you will have the option of using several features. By moving your mouse cursor to the top of the screen to open the drop-down menu and select "Annotate" -

  • Annotation tools:
    • Mouse
    • Draw
    • Spotlight
    • Eraser
    • Color
    • Undo
    • Redo
    • Clear
    • Save*

*Save: This feature allows you to instantly save all annotations on the screen as a screenshot. The screenshot is saved to default meeting folder along with the recording of the meeting.

If you are using a dual monitor set-up. You can turn on the "dual screen for dual monitor feature" to see the screen sharing on one monitor and participants on the second. For more information, please see here!
Attendee Side Annotation:
Any Attendee in your meeting can start annotating on a shared screen. The Attendee can access "Annotate" in the upper meeting tool-bar -
Note: If the Host of the meeting "Locks Annotation," Attendees will not be able to use the feature.


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  • Avatar

    I get a msg "video is paused when mobile screen sharing" on my android tablet. That means when I begin screen sharing my video goes off and I cannot see my student and they cannot see me.
    Is there a way to undo this on zoom side or android side?