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Our goal at the Help Desk is to make sure that your questions get answered and that you are taking care of, so that you can focus on your academics. We strive to answer your questions in a timely manner, and work with both you, and your instructors to make sure that you're taken care of through any technical glitches. Feel free to ask us any questions, and we will find you an answer.

So, what type of questions can we answer? Anything, although we primarily focus on making sure the technology works in your classes, we'll also try to answer any general questions you have, and if we don't have an answer we will find out who you need to talk to, and put you in contact with them. If something goes wrong in one of your courses we will also contact your instructor, so that they know we are working through a technical problem, and can adjust when the technology breaks. It is often best to reach out to the Help Desk rather than contacting the instructor directly. For example, when you have a question such as "What is the final receptor in an electron transport chain?" That's really a content question. You want to go to your instructor for that because I honestly don't know the answer, and you don't want me to take a guess at it. However, if your question is "I can't submit my term paper on the final receptor in the electron transport chain what do i do?" That's more of a technical question, that's where the Help Desk can come in and help you get that paper submitted. Another example might be "My computer crashed while taking a test on the final receptor in the electron transport chain, what do I do?" That again is a technical question because it's more related to the technology breaking rather than what the final receptor in the electron transport chain actually is. These are questions that tech support can help you with more at the Help Desk rather than going straight to your professor, but either way we will work with the professor to make sure you're taken care of.

So, how do I ask a question? That's easy, you can either call us or stop by in person. Our contact information can be found on You can also visit our website which has our knowledge base on it. The knowledge base answers most of the common questions that usually involve the technology used at Athens State University. For the most part people prefer to directly email their questions to the Help Desk at, which sends your question to our next available support staff. Be sure to include your Athens State email address, contact number, your student number, and a detailed description of your problem. If it's a course related problem make sure you tell us who the instructor is, so that we can touch base with them as well. We will communicate back and forth with you either by phone or possibly to your Athens State email account, so make sure you check that email as well. Now, how fast will we answer your question? Well that depends, some questions can be answered immediately, and some of them take a little time for us to work through. Just remember that we will keep in constant communication with you, and your instructor throughout the duration of the problem. Our instructors understand that technology breaks sometimes. They will work with us to make sure that the technology glitch doesn't affect your work in the course. Overall, don't panic! If something goes wrong just let us know and we'll work with you, and the instructor until everything is taken care of. So, that is an overview of our Help Desk in a nutshell.

That finishes up the details of this video, but be sure to check out our other help videos and tips by visiting our knowledge base at If you have any question about this video or anything else please feel free to contact us. Contact information, tips on how to get your questions and problems resolved faster can be found on our website.


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