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Respondus: Creating or Editing a Test



1.  When Creating a Test or Editing Test Options, you will see an option asking "Open Test in a New Window".  For now, you should ALWAYS set this option to "No".  There are multiple reasons to do this, but if you are using Respondus Lockdown Browser, the browser commonly blocks pop-ups without special settings on each student’s machine.  Switching the option to "No" will clear up this issue and not affect the test or test security level.


2.  When Creating a Test or Editing Test Options, you will see an option called "Force Completion".  This setting should also be set to "No".  Force Completion means when you move away from the test for any reason, it will automatically submit the test and cause it to not allow re-entry.  This means that for example if a student's Internet Connection flickers or the power fails or the browser crashes they will automatically be unable to re-enter the test and the test will be graded as is at that moment.  A better option is to use the Set Timer option in the test settings and set Auto-Submit to "On".  This means that when the student hits the amount of time you have allotted for that exam, the exam will automatically submit.  If the browser crashes or the Internet flickers, they can re-access the test as long as they have not gone over the allotted time.


3. If you are using Respondus Lockdown Browser, the program will automatically produce a password under the Edit Test Settings.  The password will look like a crazy string of about 15 characters.  This is normal and how Respondus talks to Blackboard.  DO NOT CHANGE THIS PASSWORD and DO NOT TURN OFF THE CHECKBOX.  As long as your students are using Respondus Lockdown Browser, the program automatically will understand that password and let them in.  If they are NOT using Respondus Lockdown Browser, Blackboard will prompt them for a password and they won't be able to get in until they switch browsers to the Lockdown Browser.


If you happened to change the password or turn it off on accident, you can easily fix it by going to Course Tools > Respondus LockDown Browser and click the "Fix It!" button next to any errors it displays.

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