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Athens State University: Academic Support Units

The following list describes various Academic Support Units available to Athens State University students, faculty, and staff.

For a list of non-Academic student support units at Athens State University, please click here.


Athens State University Helpdesk:

Help Desk

The Helpdesk is designed to assist students with any technology issues that arise while at Athens State University or while completing coursework.  If you experience technical issues within a course, you should immediately contact the helpdesk for assistance.  The helpdesk will work with you to correct the problem and will contact the instructor throughout the process so that the instructor is aware of the ongoing technical problem.


Athens State University Kares Library:

Kares Library

The Athens State University Kares Library provides materials, resources, and services that support academic programs and enhance the learning experience of students and meet the educational and personal needs of students, faculty, and other Library patrons. Library orientation is provided to students and faculty through individual or scheduled group sessions, and a variety of informational handouts are available. A tutorial is available on the Library webpage for students who do not attend on-campus classes. In addition, Library faculty members may serve as “embedded librarians” for courses offered in all Colleges. The embedded librarian serves as a teaching assistant in the primary instructor’s Blackboard course container, and is available to answer student inquiries via electronic mail or the course discussion board.


 Athens State University Student Email:

Student Email Microsoft 0365

Athens State University provides email accounts to students via Microsoft.  These accounts are to be used for official communication with instructors and university personnel.


Mathematical, Computer, and Natural Sciences Learning Lab

MCNS Learning Lab

The Mathematical, Computer, and Natural Sciences (MCNS) Learning Lab seeks to successfully reinforce mathematics, computer science, chemistry, and biological concepts taught in Athens State University mathematics, computer science, chemistry, biology, and natural science classes so that students’ confidence in their logical and scientific abilities are realized and their competency elevated. Click the link above for the current schedule.


Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in the University Library, provides assistance for all students to meet writing goals and objectives as determined by the University’s mission and the specific degree program. The services provided by the Center strive to increase the confidence and competence of students in their composition skills. Writing Center peer advisors engage writers in conversation about their writing, pose questions, and discuss revision strategies for writing assignments.


Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services ensure that all academic programs, student services, and facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. Accessibility Services advances equal opportunities for students with disabilities by providing a welcoming environment and the opportunity for academic success with as few deterrents as possible through reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations. Accessibility Services personnel work with students, faculty, and staff in identifying disabilities and the appropriate accommodations in academic courses or other areas of the University’s operations.


Admissions and Records Offices: Admissions
Testing Services: Testing
Transfer Student Success Center (New Students): Transfer Center
University Labs (Hours): Lab Hours

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