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Athens State University: Support Services

The following list describes various Student Support Units available to Athens State University students, faculty, and staff.

For a list of Academic student support units at Athens State University, please click here.


Career Development Center:

The Career Development Center provides assistance to Athens State students and Alumni in career planning, development and job seeking strategies. The department serves as a major link between students/Alumni and potential employers. We are here to assist students in identifying and fulfilling their future goals and aspirations.


Counseling Services:

You may face difficult times while attending college. A counselor is available to help you deal with stress management, time management, study skills, test anxiety, mixed or overwhelming feelings about returning to school, personal relationships, or personal loss. Referral to agencies or private practitioners within the community for long-term counseling is occasionally recommended, depending upon the nature of the concern. All counseling services are provided with your confidentiality in mind and offered at no charge to you.


Emergency Notification System:

Athens State utilizes 911Cellular as its emergency notification system. This is the system that Athens State will use to notify you of:

  • Emergency conditions on campus
  • Closings and delayed openings due to weather or other events
  • Other situations requiring rapid notification


Student Activities:

Student Activities aims at enhancing the social development of students by providing programs that offer cultural, recreational and personal growth opportunities and the development of leadership skills. Through sponsorship and support of student extracurricular activities, Student Activities strives to foster a campus community and offer appropriate activity opportunities that recognize the University’s student body is comprised of commuting and/or distance learning students. Student Activities also promotes student representation in University governance via its support of the Student Government Association, and oversees publication of the Athenian student newspaper.


Student Financial Aid:

The services provided by Student Financial Aid support the University’s mission by assisting qualified students in the achievement of their educational goals with financial aid from grants, scholarships, and loans, and work-study programs from federal, state, and private sources. The personnel in Student Financial Aid are committed to providing financial assistance for students who otherwise could not attend the institution and strive to maximize the funds available for Athens State University students to meet their educational costs. In providing services, personnel ensure compliance with federal, state and institutional regulations and policies governing student financial aid services, and strive to maintain funding sources by ensuring program integrity. This is achieved through ongoing staff training and continuing education, external audits, and self-evaluations that help to ensure that quality financial assistance services are being provided effectively and efficiently. Information on Student Financial Aid is published in the University Catalog and on the University website.


Veteran Affairs:

Veterans Affairs supports the institutional mission by providing information about the educational assistance available to military veterans and their eligible family members, thus ensuring their access to the educational opportunities offered by the University. In coordination with academic advisors, personnel in Veterans Affairs assist students in planning and progressing through an approved course of study based on the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the federal Department of Veterans Affairs. Information on Veterans Affairs is published in the University Catalog and on the University website.


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