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Accessing Faculty/Course Evaluation Results

(Summer 2021 onward)


1. Log in to Blackboard.

2. Locate My Blackboard Tools & click Course Evaluations.


3. You will be directed to the EvaluationKIT instructor dashboard.


4. Click on the Results tab drop-down menu.


5. Select Project Results.


6. Select the desired Project from the project results list.

NOTE: The project is the semester or term for which you are seeking results, e.g., “Faculty Course Evaluation Summer 2021.”



7. After selecting the desired project, you should see the list of courses that you taught during the respective semester. You may download a batch report by selecting two or more courses, or you may download an individual report for each course. To download a batch report or an individual report, click on the respective purple download icon.



8. After clicking on the purple download icon, you can select from a number of report options. Report options include:

a. Detailed Report: Compares your students’ responses to means for the university, college, and department.

b. Detailed Report + Comments: Adds written student feedback to the detailed report.

c. Short Report: Does not compare your students’ responses to the university, college, and department means.

d. Short Report + Comments: Adds written student feedback to the short report.

e. Response Report: Presents ratings and comments by anonymized respondent.

f. Raw Data: Prepares responses as a downloadable MS-Excel file.

g. Feedback: Use this feature to send feedback to your department chairperson, dean, and/or the provost. You may also view feedback that the chairperson, dean, or provost have provided to you.


If you need additional assistance accessing your course evaluation results, please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at

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