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Instant Messaging in Zoom

You will need to have installed the Zoom Instant Messenger and located / added contacts in order to be able send a contact an instant message.  Once you have completed the above two requirements, you can send instant messages by completing the following steps:

Open the Zoom Instant Messenger tool and login. Once you have logged in, the tool should appear on the screen. 


To view your groups and contacts, click “Contacts”.


Locate the contact you wish to communicate with in your contact list.

Determine whether or not the contact is currently available for chat by looking at the icon next to their name. If there is a green dot or rectangle at the top right of their avatar, the contact has a high probability of being available for instant messaging.  Gray dots or rectangles denote that the contact is currently away and may not respond quickly.


Click on the contact and select the chat option (either beside their name or below it in the main window.) Begin typing your message in the chat portion at the bottom of the window.  Hit enter on the keyboard to send your message.



If the individual on the receiving end is available for chat, they will begin talking back and forth with you on the chat screen. Send message back to the individual by typing in the chat area and hitting enter as you did to initiate the conversation.

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