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Email: Moving Junk Email to the Inbox

Moving Junk Email to the Inbox


Though this is not a common occurrence, important mail from the school or a Professor may be filed in the junk folder. 

You can easily move it to the Inbox restoring functionality of any included links and attachments.


Go to the left-hand menu of the email screen and look for the Junk Email folder. Once you find it, click on it.


From here, find the message you want to move from your Junk Email folder to your Inbox and click on it once to select.


Once the email is open, more options will appear at the top portion of the screen. 


Clicking the Not junk option will move the email to your Inbox. You can then move it to any other folders you may have setup.

Clicking the Move to option will present a drop-down menu allowing you to select where the item will be moved.

If you choose the Not junk option, you may be presented with a pop-up screen.


As this is for your Official Athens State email, it is recommended that you click Don’t report. The system will still make an effort to avoid putting future emails from the sender in the Junk folder.

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