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Office 365: Download and Install Microsoft Office 365 for Mac

How to Install Office365 for macOS

This tutorial utilizes Mozilla Firefox browser to access email and download the Office suite. Your experience may differ slightly if you use a different browser.


Navigate to the Athens State e-mail sign-in page.
Sign in with your Athens State University e-mail credentials.


After successfully logging in to your email, locate the Office 365 app launcher in the upper left corner of the screen to the left of the word Outlook. It will look like a square composed of 9 dots.


Clicking the App launcher shows the Office apps you can use online.


Click the Office 365→ link.

This will take you to your Office 365 home page. Look for the Install Office button near the upper right.


Clicking the button will give you 2 new options. Click Office 365 apps.

You will be asked what you want to do with the file. If your screen looks like the image below, you can click OK.

If you choose to save the file, make sure to note the save location.


An instructional screen will pop up. These are the basic installation instructions.


You can close this screen and minimize your browser. The download may take some time depending on your internet connection speed and strength. The file is approximately 1.8GB.


Once the download is complete, locate the install dmg file. If you chose to open the file earlier, it may auto run. If not, it should be located in your downloads folder on your taskbar.


Once the install dmg starts, you will see the familiar macOS install wizard.


Follow the wizard until you receive notification that the installation is complete. This may take some time.


Once you click Close, you may be asked what you want to do with the install file. This is up to your discretion, but you do not need it anymore at this point. If you feel you might need to reinstall the apps and have a slow internet connection, keep the file.


You can now find the Office apps in your Launchpad (Rocket icon in macOS 10, Colorful Squares icon in macOS11.)

mceclip10.png or mceclip0.png

Navigate to the Word app and open it.


You should see a screen with information about Word. Click the Get Started button.


If you see a notice regarding a license not being found for your personal account (as you may use that to log in to your apple ID,) click Use Another Account.


You will now sign in using your Athens State Office 365 credentials – the full email address and email password.

mceclip14.png mceclip15.png

You may need to approve the sign in via the security measures you previously setup in your email – text, phone call, alternate email, security questions.

Once you complete this step, Office will activate and you can begin to use the programs.

mceclip16.png mceclip17.png


Click Start Using Word.

You will then be presented with Privacy Notification screens. Read through them and make the selections you prefer.

Afterward, you will see the Word backstage area. You should see your initials and first name at the upper left.


You can check your activation by clicking Word, About Microsoft Word.


You will see the software information as well as your Athens State email address.


It is recommended that you set the Office Suite to auto update. Microsoft is constantly working on Office 365 and adding new features that may be of use to you.

To do this, go to Help, Check for Updates


A small program called Microsoft AutoUpdate is included with the suite.

The icon looks like this:


It will launch and check for updates.

You can select the box beside Automatically keep Microsoft Apps up to date to have the machine check automatically in the future.

If updates are available, the AutoUpdate app will tell you how many and you can see each update by clicking the down arrow beside the Check for Updates button.

The Advanced button will further let you control the update behavior.

The updates for Office apps are typically quite large, so if you have a slow connection or a usage cap from your ISP you may want to have the Automatic option turned off. You can always run the check manually as you saw above.

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You are now ready to setup Outlook to receive your Athens State emails.

This tutorial is only meant for those who have successfully installed and activate the Microsoft Office 365 suite using the instructions above.


In the Launcher, locate Outlook and open it.


Click Get Started


Since you activated Office in the previous steps, you are ready to click Start Using Outlook.



Outlook will find your account. Click the Add ‘’ button


Outlook will add the account


Click Done to access your email.


Don’t forget to turn on Notifications if you would like macOS to notify you of new emails.


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